Painted by Kirsten McKenzie

I think I must have read a different book than everybody else, because lots of people really like this. And there’s a lot of very good ideas here:

· a creepy #hauntedhouse;

· a damaged young woman; and

· pictures that change when you're not looking at them!

An appraiser, Anita Cassatt, is sent to catalog and value an art collection housed in a secluded mansion owned by a reclusive artist after his death. When she arrives, she sees every available wall in every room is covered with paintings, most of them portraits....then shit gets weird. 😉

For more than half the book, we are with one character in one setting - which I find is a difficult thing for most authors to pull off. I did finish the book with it’s ghosts, demons and haunted paintings but I almost set it down a number of times.

There was also a huge issue with word choice and sentence structure. It reads like a translated work, but the author is from New Zealand, so?

AND, the ending was a bummer.

Just not my thing I guess, and I usually love a good, slow-burning #gothichorrornovel. Have you read it? What did I miss?

Rating: 21/100 or ⭐⭐

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