The Haunting of Ashburn House by Darcy Coates

There’s a reoccurring image in my head, planted by this book. It’s of a half-dead old woman with long, stringy grey hair skittering and scrambling over the roof of a decrepit old house. It creeps me out so much. Yay!

Ashburn House has been willed to Adrienne by her Aunt Edith. Adrienne hasn’t been to the house since her mother’s panicked midnight escape when Adrienne was little. She remembers blood and her aunt coolly watching them leave.

Her aunt’s bequest comes at an auspicious time for the now 20-year-old Adrienne, and she uses her last dollar to get to her new home. Adrienne doesn’t know that the house sits on the outskirts of the tiniest town, and that it will only take the town's rumors and a few nights to realize she's made a tremendous mistake.

Cue all the fun things – strange writings on the walls, moving portraits, scratching at the windows in the witching hour, and a ritual candle that needs to be lit every Friday night.

You are going to see the name Darcy Coates, who’s an Australian writer, everywhere in the U.S. soon. Keep an eye out for her books and buy them wherever/whenever you can!

Rating: 82/100 or ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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(Psst...#thehauntingofashburnhouse is a Kindle Unlimited title right now, if you want to sample Coates' writing. Then plan on BUYING EVERYTHING she writes. I do!)

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