The Tenth Girl by Sara Faring

Mavi is in hiding in Patagonia, the southernmost point of South America. She's teaching at an exclusive school that admits only 10 girls a year. The only problem - the school was abandoned decades ago because it's cursed AND haunted. Why is it opening now? And how did she get this job anyway?

I adore a good gothic horror story. And this one has all the right elements, from setting to characters (my god, the characters! The atmosphere!). As the house decays around the students and teachers, everything gets weirder, crazier and creepier. Is it possession? An illness?

And then there's the twist, which I can't tell you anything about. Except to say I feel betrayed. BUT I can also appreciate the craft of it and it all makes sense in the narrative after the fact.

You are either going to LOVE this or HATE it. My rating is an average - 90 for the writing and 10 for the moment I chucked the book aside in disgust until I could pick it up again to finish. Let me know if you have read this - I need to discuss. What other book's twist made or wrecked the book for you?

Rating: 50/100 or ⭐⭐⭐

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